Manuela-SchröderReal Estate Agent
” The super-fast delivery of my first orders convinced me. If needed, I get detailed, fast and super friendly support. I’m very happy with RoomSketcher! “
– ManuelaSchröder,
André-MartinsenReal Estate Photographer
” RoomSketcher has changed the way I work. All the work I normally had to outsource, I can now do on my own thanks to RoomSketcher. “
– André Martinsen
Roberto-CaranciReal Estate Agent
” With RoomSketcher I visualize properties in 3D. The interface is intuitive and easy to work with. Big Plus: Excellent customer support! Always helpful, friendly and obliging. “
– Roberto Caranci, RE/MAX
Kay-Myrstrand-Property-PhotographerReal Estate Photography
” I use RoomSketcher for all my 3D illustrations, and this alone accounts for almost 30% of my annual revenue as a professional property photographer. “
– Kay Myrstrand, Fokus Foto
Marit-Skei-Interior-DesignInterior Design
” I have used RoomSketcher as my preferred interior design tool for several years. It’s an ingenious drawing tool that is quick and easy to work with. “
– Marit Skei, Nr 14 Interiorhelp
” RoomSketcher helped us build the home of our dreams – we drew our floor plans online, showed them to our architect and could plan out everything from room sizes to furniture. “
– Andreas Johnsen, Norway
Dominika-Vente-Real-Estate-MarketingReal Estate Marketing
” RoomSketcher is easy to use and fun to create with! “
– Dominika Vente, Marketing Manager, Germany
Johnny-Bang-Interior-DesignInterior Design
” By far my favorite tool when it comes to interior decorating and design. “
– Johnny Bang, Interior Architect and Photographer
Dijana Kalic-VelkovaBlogger
” For all the professionals out there, I would highly recommend using RoomSketcher, and for all interior design enthusiasts…test your skills and maybe even create or remodel your own space. “
– Dijana Kalic-Velkova,
” For anyone who deals in real estate, home planning, home decorating or interior design, this tool is a must. For those in the field, an accessory like this means visual depiction over swatches and color wheels.. “
– Thomas Lundy, GeekItDown
” It works for everyday people who love pottering about designing their dream home, and for professionals who need a robust program to create 2D and 3D interactive floor plans. “
– Sam Crothers,
” We are planning the girls bedroom renovation so this came at a perfect time for me. I was able to visually see my ideas come together and help figure out where I would put things and would that work in that place or not. “
– Stephanie,
” I really like RoomSketcher! It’s a useful and beautiful tool for people interested in interior design and decorating, professional designers, stylists and real estate agents. “
– Vera,
” I’ve tried a few different home design programs before but not really thought much of them. This one has definitely made me realise that there are decent ones out there! “
– Naomi,
Tony DuarteHomeowner
” What a fine job you’ve all done in making the app really user friendly and intuitive. Not just that, you have succeeded in the hardest quality to deliver, the experience of delight in using the app. Really a joy to use. “
– Tony Duarte

Reviews from Twitter

Brava Home
“What a great way to help design your home! Thanks @roomsketcher”
by @bravahomeri
Re/Max All Star
“Seeing the potential in renovation properties can be hard but @roomsketcher makes it easier!”
By @THEremaxallstar
Fawaad Qamar RE
“Very happy with @roomsketcher giving me a new construction design back in record time. Love your work!”
By @fawaadqamar
Mine Ujam
“@roomsketcher so glad I found you…”
By @Minewill2
Nima Zahedi
“@roomsketcher great product! Having a blast planning out my new pad!”
by @NimaZahedii
Nadia Jones
“Hours of fun with @roomsketcher planning for the #NewHouse”
by @nadiajones88
Paul Ince
“Have been using @roomsketcher today. Love it!”
By @BizPaul
Arcadian Home
“Move furniture virtually without breaking a sweat or pulling a muscle!”
by @ArcadianHome
Designers Dream
“Amazing floor plan and design software you have for everyone to use”
by @shop_it_now
Michaela Tosh
“@roomsketcher totally addicted! I lost about 3hrs playing around with what to do with my bedroom design! Love it!”
by @MichaelaTosh

” RoomSketcher is brilliant – the professional quality floor plans I have created have improved our property advertising immensely. ”
James Bellini, James Griffin Lettings Ltd, United Kingdom

” Fast and easy to create floor plans in beautiful 3d. Designs come in 30 minutes. ”
Batur, Engineer, Turkey

” RoomSketcher is easy to use and accessible from everywhere as long as you are online. It’s a great way to visualize and illustrate your designs to clients for better understanding and accuracy in building process. ”
Guri Havnevik, Project Manager, Norway

” RoomSketcher simplifies my workflow as a real estate photographer. They are reliable and have great support. ”
John-A Sugaarden, Property Photographer, Norway

” You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for a design firm, or spend countless hours on technical software to produce the results you’re looking for. RoomSketcher is easy to use and cost effective for creating quick images of your ideas. ”
Scott Allan Kress, Interior Designer, USA

” This program has helped me a lot in my interior design business. Making everything so easy and efficient. ”
Leonard Lee Zeyuan, Interior Designer

” RoomSketcher helps our customers visualize the large and small scale IT projects we provide them. ”
Frank Waaland, IT Manager, Norway

” We haven’t found any other program faster to create renderings. It’s simply amazing. ”
Will Reed, Owner – Choice Granite & Remodelling, USA

” RoomSketcher is far better than many other 3d home design softwares I have used. It is easy to understand, easy to use and anyone, even a novice at design, can use it. I would recommend it to anyone that doesn’t want the hassle of having to go through hours of tutorials to create a sample room or design. ”
Jennifer Devon, Interior Designer, United Kingdom

” Whether you use RoomSketcher for business or play it’s a fun creative way to express your vision. ”
John Nuter, Interior Designer, USA

” RoomSketcher is a great way to show clients what they are going to get in their home. It makes it easy for clients to understand your plan for them. ”
Joie, Interior Designer, USA

” I am really excited with RoomSketcher. It is the basic tool for my floorplans and renderings. ”
Konstadina, Interior Designer, Greece

” A great program that is easy to learn how to use. ”
Marthe Høyer-Andreassen, Interior Designer, Norway

” I have just started using RoomSketcher and already want to upgrade to the pro/professional version. I am starting out as an interior stylist and RoomSketcher is brilliant for showing my designs to clients. ”
Mafalda, Interior Designer, Australia

” I have really enjoyed using RoomSketcher, and I can see that it will continue to be of use in my house renovations. One of the real benefits of the VIP package is it includes an app, so you can show your designs to people with your tablet or smartphone! I have tried similar design tools before, both free and paid, but I would say RoomSketcher does provide more options than others I have used. ”

” It’s such a fun and easy to use platform, and great for designing! I love feeling like a distant cousin of an HGTV God using it! ”

” The software is so intuitive – using drop and drag functionality to allow users to add walls, windows and doors to create the frame of a room. Pre designed features mean that what you are looking for has already been designed and it is easy as click and drop to start designing your space. As a design tool it’s fantastic. It would allow people to see how items look in their home… The kitchen design function on this is excellent – much more easy to navigate than the Ikea program we’ve previously used. I would really recommend the software to anyone who is thinking of a home renovation in the near future to map out the space. ”

” All in all, RoomSketcher is one of the easiest design programs I’ve used. It’s also much faster than drawing elevations and perspectives from scratch using a board and a straight edge. So if you want to create your own designs or if you are a designer and want an additional tool, then check them out. ”

” Unlike other design websites, RoomSketcher’s graphics are stunning, their program runs smoothly with no lagging, and the fact that it is free is just fantastic. One of the many distinct things about RoomSketcher is that you are able to view your room in 3D, and therefore you can view it from many different angles. This is very helpful when trying to get a real ‘feel’ of what your room will look like. ”

” I am looking to study architecture at university in the future and have been exploring home design websites for a long time. In RoomSketcher I have found the website that has been the most useful and the most educational too. Excellent prices and fantastic service. Thank you RoomSketcher! ”
Tarnya Gowar, United Kingdom

” RoomSketcher is a fast, fun and a very professional way of visualizing your new remodelling project, your new apartment or new built house. The journey from thought to realization of your project has never been easier! ”
Tom Roberg, Norway

” A fantastic and easy-to-use tool that has enabled us to enjoy remodeling our home, giving us confidence in our design. ”
Sharna Richings, United Kingdom

” RoomSketcher is a blast to use. ”
Joy, USA

” RoomSketcher is really a great tool offering a lot of flexibility on (re-) designing our house, offering neat floorplans and 3D photos. Also there is loads of furniture that you can arrange in your house to get a real impression of your new house as if you were looking through a window! ”
Ad Van der Burgt, Netherlands

” I started using RoomSketcher to get a precise idea of how much space would I need to build the ideal home for my family and how could I arrange it. So far, it’s been of great help to get a good idea of my practical needs and costs without consulting an architect. ”
Pedro Irusta, Argentina

” Thanks RoomSketcher. The product is simple and easy to use even for someone that is not computer savvy. ”
Mike, Sweden

” RoomSketcher is by far the easiest and trendiest design tool on the internet. With several options to choose from, including a FREE 3D home designer, you get exactly what you want. You creativity and your business can flourish! ”
Kimberley, USA

” An easy and real view of your house designs! ”
Hege Andreassen, Norway

” I had so many ideas of how I would like to have my house done… with RoomSketcher I can put all my ideas down all in one place and it’s awesome. ”
Jean-Paul d’Offay, Seychelles

” I am no professional designer, nor an architect, but RoomSketcher made me design my new home with ease. Best part is I could virtually feel the house. Thank you RoomSketcher. ”
Danish Khan, India

” RoomSketcher came in very handy when planning my single bedroom apartment because space is quite limited. RoomSketcher helped me to understand precisely what kind of furniture to order and what kind of decoration materials, colors and patterns I should use in order to make everything fit naturally. I was very impressed by how useful Home 360 features is. Using the instant 3D visualizations I was able to make the right decisions, so as not to abuse the space with the abundance of unnecessary furniture items or colors that could visually eat up the space. Great product! I would totally recommend it for both commercial and non-commercial use! ”
Alex Reznor, Russia

” Fast, efficient, easy and great results!!! ”
Lycurgo de Carvalho, United States of America

” RoomSketcher is so simple to use and is a great way to experiment with changes to your house, love it! ”
Laura, Australia

” Love using RoomSketcher – it is so easy to use, and makes my ideas come to life. It was so helpful to see how our renovation would look. I will be recommending to family and friends! ”
Kelley, New Zealand

” RoomSketcher has proved invaluable to my business and has really helped us to improve design and layout aspects of our project before it’s too late! ”
Leon Wade, United Kingdom

” I have been planning my shipping container home for quite sometime now, but it’s been all concepts and basically “mental” pictures. RoomSketcher helped me create a more visual version of my designs using actual shipping container dimensions and appliances. I am, now more than ever, determined to realize my dream of building my own home. RoomSketcher was a great companion through my designs.
Kenneth Manlangit, Philippines

” I use this site for fun, but it gives me a chance to plan and design my future home when time is right. ”
Lidia, Slovenia

” Easy to use and helpful. ”
Simpson Wong, Hong Kong

” Subscribe to RoomSketcher and in minutes you will be doing your own layout plan, then look at it in 3D. ”
Jose Merino, United States of America

” This program is a great tool… easy to use and intuitive … you don’t need to read lots of instructions before you get started. ”
Bob Meldrum, United Kingdom

” It is so easy to use that anyone who has a house design project should try it. ”
Matthieu Geistel, France

” I love RoomSketcher! It is easy to use and fun! ”
Esther, United States of America

” This place is epic. I’ve been using it for class projects and it works so well! I’ve recommended it to all of my classmates! ”
Alison Nicholas, Student, United States of America

” Using RoomSketcher has increased my ability to design. It has helped me to come up with ideas I wouldn’t have thought of just by playing around with it. ”
Jenny, Canada

” It is great to be able to design your new home before moving in! ”
Anette Eliasson

” This app is interesting and very user-friendly. You can even use it for home or practically for your future building prospects. I am totally hooked. ”
Iris, Philippines

” RoomSketcher is awesome! I am about to use it on my dream home. ”
Matt Stevens

” RoomSketcher is so much fun! It is a fabulous unique and easy way to design homes. ”
Lydia, United States of America

” Easy to use and with lots of potential! Your mind is the limit! ”
Nils Norberg, Sweden

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