Pro Subscription

RoomSketcher Pro is ideal for professional users who want high-quality floor plans and 3D visualization to design, build, or sell properties.

  • Professional floor plans and 3D visualization
  • Personalized Floor Plans with company branding
  • Volume discounts on floor plan orders and premium output

” RoomSketcher has proved invaluable to my business and has really helped us to improve design and layout aspects of our projects. ”
Leon Wade, United Kingdom

Professional Floor Plans and 3D Visualization

A RoomSketcher Pro subscription includes all the features of RoomSketcher VIP, plus all the professional features to customize, personalize and brand your floor plans.

With RoomSketcher Pro you get easy-to-use 2D and 3D Floor Plan features, state-of-the-art 3D Photos, 360 Views and Live 3D Floor Plans you can share with your customers and clients. You can also draw your floor plans based on an uploaded blueprint, and order floor plans through RoomSketcher Floor Plan Services using Credits, giving you a discounted price.

RoomSketcher Pro is ideal for professional users who design, build, or sell property for clients, including floor plan and real estate professionals, interior designers, home improvement specialists and contractors. It also suits anyone who wants to generate a high number of premium outputs at Pro level discounts.

The annual subscription includes an account pre-filled with Credits. Use Credits to create projects and to generate 3D Floor Plans, 3D Photos and 360 Views. When needed, easily refill your account with additional Credits.

” For anyone who deals in real estate, home planning, home decorating or interior design, this tool is a must. ”

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