All Outdoor Furniture Now With Replace Materials

Outdoor furniture

Written by Trine B.

This time of year, we are all about outdoor living. So we’ve just updated all our outdoor furniture with the incredibly cool Replace Materials feature.

Outdoor furniture designs

Patio Furniture

Check out our all-new patio ensemble, complete with armchair, sunbed, modular sofa, patio table, and matching dining chair and basket. We’ve called it Emma, so it’ll be easy to find in the furniture library.

Change the rattan from brown to white, grey, or black. Change the pillows from red to floral, striped, or patterned. Or use your favorite custom color code. Finish with a throw blanket that now has Replace Materials, and you’ll have a custom and stylish backyard design.

Outdoor rattan chairs

Cool Outdoor Accessories

Bring some glam into your outdoor design. How about a gold barbeque? Or a turquoise watering can? Complete with a floral patio umbrella? Lots of outdoor items now have Replace Materials so you can create an outdoor look that matches your unique style.

Outdoor garden accessories - parasol

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