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Three Awesome Floor Plans – One Great Price!

2D Floor Plan

High-quality 2D Floor Plans complete with room names, measurements, and with or without furniture.

3D Floor Plan

Beautiful 3D Floor Plans with full-color rendering and stunning details.

Live 3D Floor Plan

Get a virtual walkthrough in Live 3D! Easy to step inside for a cool, interactive experience.

Our Floor Plans Are Perfect For…

Ordering Floor Plans Is Easy

Step 1

Upload your floor plan as an image, sketch, blueprint or photo. Add a measurement to get the scale right.

Step 2

Order from any device - PC, Mac, tablet or phone.

Step 3

Receive your floor plans next Business Day. Easy to edit online.

Who Can Order Floor Plans?

Anyone can order floor plans from our Floor Plan Services. Whether you need floor plans for just one project or many, our high-quality, floor plans are for you! We work with:

Manuela Schröder

Super-fast delivery - I’m very happy with RoomSketcher!
Manuela Schröder, Real Estate Agent

John Sugaarden

RoomSketcher has reliable delivery and great support.
John Sugaarden, Real Estate Photographer

Fawaad Qamar

Very happy - received my floor plans back in record time!
Fawaad Qamar, Homeowner

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