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pcb assembly

PCB Assembly

Using PGF Technology Group for one-stop, end-to-end assembly of PCBs will ultimately improve the overall quality of the circuit boards, shorten time-to-market, and reduce overall production costs. Our advanced capabilities adhere to the highest industry standards available.

cable assembly

Cable Assembly

PGF focuses on the high-quality production of cable systems that perform reliably in various environments. Our finishing and assembly services include wire cutting, stripping, and terminating, as well as specialized services to meet all customer needs.

wire harness assembly

Wire Harness Assembly

PGF Technology is a full-service provider of reliable and cost-effective wire solutions for a range of household, commercial, and industrial applications. Our wire harness assembly equipment can customize solutions to meet each customer’s unique specifications to ensure optimal performance.

bb assembly

Box Build Assembly

PGF can process wires, assemble harnesses, and build PCBAs at one facility. This distinction provides us with the unique opportunity to put together box builds for a turnkey application. This distinct business model allows us the flexibility to partner with many industries for highly customizable builds.

prototype assembly

Prototype Services

PGF is a PCB Assembly prototype manufacturer that specializes in the low-volume, high-mix market. This distinction makes us uniquely capable of producing high-quality prototypes that allow you to test your concept thoroughly and make changes before producing it on a large scale.


PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

At PGF Technology, we offer high-quality and cost-effective PCB assembly services to customers across a wide range of industries.

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Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly

Using state-of-the-art equipment, a combination of automation and manual assembly, PGF Technology produces cable and wiring systems that perform reliably in a variety of environments.

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Box Build Assembly

Box Build Assembly

PGF Technology Group offers customers an array of box build and panel enclosure service capability. Our customers can always count on us to perform the assembly process quickly and accurately.

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Key Considerations for Medical PCB Assembly

Download our eBook, Key Considerations for Medical PCB Assembly, for an overview of the important considerations for designing and assembling these small yet dense layouts.

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Key Considerations for Medical PCB Assembly

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Seeking a prototype or full product production capabilities starts by selecting the proper manufacturer. PGF’s pledge to innovation and advanced technology provides the solution.

  • Concept to Manufacturing
  • Prototype to Production
  • Complete Turnkey Capabilities

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

PGF is committed to developing, manufacturing, and delivering superior PCBA solutions at competitive prices. Learn more

  • Multiple SMT Lines
  • Mixed Technology Capabilities
  • Continuous Improvement Programs

Wire, Cables, and Harness Assemblies

PGF is the leader in Advanced Manufacturing for wire processing, cable assemblies, and harness assembly. Learn more

  • Design Support
  • Product Development
  • Testing Capabilities

Box Build Assembly

PGF provides custom integration of various electrical and electromechanical applications with system controls. Learn more

  • PCBA & Wire Processing
  • System Integration
  • UL508A Certifications

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